March 17, 2016

Post Symposium Workshops

The Africa We Want to Live-In (TAWWTLI) – An experiential process in transforming Self, Business & Country


Who is this Programme for?

This 8 week programme is designed for all the conscious citizens of the African continent who are tired of complain and want to do something about the state of the slice of Africa they live in. It is an intensive process that will empower participants with a model and process to transform self, business and country.


The programme is accredited by the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP) for 30 CEU credits and certificates of attendance will be issued by the Centre for work-based learning. This program is not an academic is not an academic program so it is not linked to any unit standards.

Coaching 101: evoking Excellence in others

Objectives of the programme

To enable participants with skills and attributes to evoke excellence in self and others Coaching is no longer a privilege for the few and it has been proven to be an essential skill in supporting others to move from Point A to B faster than the traditional methods of telling and teaching. This two-day programme will arm you with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to make this shift in yourself and others

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone in a role that seeks to get people to DO something and love it!

New managers


Team leaders in social context


Sports Managers Etc.

Programme outline and topics to be covered
 Foundation principles of coaching

 Coaching in relation to other modalities

 Understanding the self in relation to others

 Practical Skills required for viable coaching conversations

 Practical considerations in coaching

 Ethics of coaching

 Introduction to the psychology of coaching

Symposium Study Tour

A study tour of one of the most successful Kenyan businesses run by one of Kenya’s female executives. The purpose is to reflect on the multiple themes that emerge about African leadership. some of the possible angles: Gender and Leadership, Products and community leadership, etc.

The tour will start at hotel and will last between 2 to 3hours and includes a 30 minutes reflection session. (Please dress comfortably – casual/smart casual)