Join us for the 3rd Coaching in Africa Symposium… 03 – 05 October 2018

April 24, 2016

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This year’s programe focuses on the more doing and less talking, with smller group sessions from each industry sector to work together to solve our intractable problems as Africans. To download the programme and to book  Click Here

Post Symposium Workshops

This day will consist of self-selected post symposium workshops whose aim is to empower action-decisions evolving from the symposium.

1. Post-Symposium workshop 1 Coaching 101: How to evoke excellence in others

2. Post Symposium workshop 2 The Africa We want to live in: – An experiential process in transforming Self, Business & Country

3. Symposium Study Tour A study tour of one of the most successful Kenyan businesses run by one of Kenya’s female executives. This 3-hour tour will start at the hotel and includes a 30 minutes reflection session. (Please dress comfortably as there maybe some walking at the factory – casual/smart casual)

Africa Coaching Awards

The Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting & Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP) would like to honour the Men, Women and Organizations who have contributed greatly to the coaching and consulting industry.

The Journal For Coaching

Journal of Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology in Africa: “Exploring Frontiers for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology in Africa” Click Here to buy the Journal

JV Members

They are the members of the Coaching Symposium who are responsible for organising the event

What’s New

Coaching in Africa Mini-Symposiums

As a build-up to our Coaching in Africa symposium in Kenya, we have been holding mini-symposiums across different parts of the continent. This session happened at the Africa Centre for Work-Based Learning, led by Goodnews Cadogan on Family Constellations. We were having interesting conversations about how to understand and integrate your lineage and your leadership.

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