February 22, 2016

About Us


What is the role of coaching and consulting in the Africa of the 22nd Century? What do we know these modalities, their effectiveness  and appropriateness in Africa today? Are we leveraging on these modalities effectively for Africa and its leadership and organisational development?

In this symposium we aim to generate action-oriented dialogue on these questions with the aim to educate, learn, and refine the manifestation of these in user communities across the continent.

The intention is to inform action-based research that will help prepare modern African organisations (Governments, NGOs, CBOs, Academia, Corporate, etc). While a special symposium report will be generated in the next edition of the journal for Coaching, Consulting & Coaching Psychology in South Africa.

This is an on-going initiative that is hosted twice a year in different parts of the continent with an intention to prepare African leaders across sectors for the 22nd Century African leadership, and the partners in this programme are selected carefully to align with this overall intention